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Radiologik is a system suitable for both live DJing and 24/7 radio automation on the Mac that uses the Music app (or iTunes in previous macOS versions) as its database and those playlists as the logical building blocks for sophisticated programming.

Radiologik was developed for and is used in LPFMs, NCE-FM, college and high school stations, and online stations. It's also used by radio and live venue DJs, Sirius/XM channels, and is licensed to users in over 60 countries. Fully automated and unmanned stations use Radiologik to pick content by date, intro and outro artists and titles, announce the time, station ID, play podcasts, manage and play advertising by a separate schedule that integrates with the programming schedule, all completely autonomously.

1. Radiologik DJ Download here
    Radiologik DJ can be used by itself as a DJ program for live events. It is also the player Radiologik Scheduler uses to make a full-time automated radio station.

    Equally good: Live or full automation
    Radiologik is meant to be an equally good live assist and full automation DJ for radio so you can walk right in and take over and leave as you wish.

    3 hot changeable audio outputs and 1 preview
    Radiologik DJ's primary is the program queue which essentially uses the first 2 players and the third for tight fits and voiceovers. It has 3 on-air players which can be sent directly to 3 distinct audio outputs with the right hardware. You get one more 4th audio output meant for off air used by the library player for previewing and properties player for editing ramp, start, stop, overlap, etc.

    More players for every purpose
    For live assist playing you can run more manually and then you can run the 3rd player as you wish using the spot list. You also get a 20 player palette for short jingles and sound effects with 20 saved sets for different segments and DJs.

    Resourceful live DJing
    There's a library you can use to keep either a selection of your iTunes/Music library by keyword or the entire library and search it for requests or sort for an exact time fit song or perfect long ramp so you can do a long talk-in. It will typically import 10,000 in just over 15 seconds or keyword import 1,000 songs from a 15,000 iTunes/Music library in 2 seconds.

    On-job training details
    There are details like if you drag a song into DJ's queue, it brings itself to the front and selects that song to do with it whatever you like. If you have auto off, DJ brings itself to the front as you get within 20 seconds of the ending of a song. Dialogs that would interfere with operation are used very sparingly. The idea is to keep it simple enough that you won't mess up on air when you're really thinking about other things like what you're going to say.

    File formats, normalizing, transitions
    Radiologik DJ plays mp3, AAC, Apple Lossless, AIFF, and WAV files. It can be set to obey iTunes/Music Sound Check values and use a more advanced loudness gain tool such as iVolume to set those. For the right radio sound you can edit properties of each track for start, stop, ramp, overlap, fade-in, and fade-out and those values are stored with the audio file even if it moves from Mac to Mac.

    Professional transitions
    Use Track Prep in the free Radiologik Scheduler Basic to analyze your tracks ahead of time for best radio transitions.

    Take it online
    Finally, for internet broadcasters, use a stream encoder like LadioCast to setup an AAC+ or MP3 stream

2. Radiologik Scheduler Download here
    You can use the scheduler to run a 24/7 automated terrestrial or internet station. Basic and Advanced features are the same download and can be switched from the application menu.

    It uses iTunes/Music as its database utilizing playlists and particularly smart playlists for song selection with its own top logic using a weekly schedule.

    Radiologik Scheduler Basic is Free with DJ. It supports picks and fills from iTunes/Music playlists with time instructions, artist separation, unique track checking, and best fit exact time searching for top of the hour placement for station IDs or other arbitrary times.

    Radiologik Scheduler Advanced is a mode for scheduler which further supports voiceover intros and outros for specific tracks, artists, albums. It includes support of scheduling spot/ad flight runs, podcast subscribe and play, silence sensor, date matching track titles, and time announcements and sells for just $96.00.

    Scheduler Basic vs Scheduler Advanced

    Either mode, same program, is always available to download and try.

Learn by video
To learn more about Radiologik DJ and Scheduler, visit the Radiologik video site for 4+ hours of overviews and comprehensive tutorials. It's easy to get started and as your wants get more sophisticated you'll find so much has been thought of and done.

Meet other Radiologik users
Visit the independently run Radiologik Users Forum to exchange tips, get peer help, and discuss radio and Mac issues with other Radiologik users.

Listen to an example
Radiologik Trance
is an example station that uses Radiologik
with Audio HiJack to send to Live365.

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