Download Radiologik
Radiologik 2022.6.1 (DJ & Scheduler) (Download - 75.6 MB )
Time Announcements Demo Audio (Zip - 75.7 MB )
Radiologik DJ 2022.6.1 (Zip - 41.2 MB )
Radiologik Scheduler 2022.6.1 (Zip - 38.8 MB )
Version Notes
Downloads are Universal binaries supporting both Intel and Apple Silicon natively and supporting 8 macOS versions from 10.10 Yosemite through 12 Monterey.

DJ 2022.6.1
  • Initial support for macOS Ventura
  • Reworked most tag reading to now use TagLib with the exception of reading Sound Check values
  • Added Cue Sheets support for the purpose of being able to publish multiple artists and titles for a single mix file. See Help—Cue Sheets
  • Using blanks for default publishing artist and title now suppresses default publishing to all publishing outlets
Scheduler 2022.6.1
  • Initial support for macOS Ventura
  • Added checks and corrections in more places for the issue of getting durations of 0
  • If Music AppleScript gives duration of 0 for a track when scheduling, getting actual duration will be tried by using the file path given by Music AppleScript if it provides it and it exists
DJ 2022.5.1
  • Added informational notices about Protected AAC (Apple Music Subscription) audio files when there's an attempt to add them
  • Added alternative checks in more places for audio file existence in case they are falsely reported to not exist
  • Fix for Adobe Audition files implemented in 2021.2.1 is now more targeted so that it doesn't corrupt other Audition files that do not need a fix
  • Major Sparkle update engine upgrade
Scheduler 2022.5.1
  • If Music API gives duration of 0 for track when scheduling, and open files to get durations is on in preferences, getting actual duration will be tried by using the file path given by Music API if it provides it and it exists
  • For podcasts that have any duplicate episode names, all files are now saved with the original filenames
  • Track Prep Remove button now properly sets overlap to Default instead of 0
  • Major Sparkle update engine upgrade
DJ 2022.4.2
  • In Change Current Publishing dialog: Renamed 'Default' button to 'Reset' to return to normal publishing and added new 'Default' button to enter Default Publishing from Preferencs—Publishing
  • Added Cue Sheet file type to File—Save Program
  • Modernized network components of GET URL, Twitter, TuneIn, and
Scheduler 2022.4.2
  • Modernized network components
DJ 2022.4.1
  • Added search to Play History
  • Searches now have recent searches menu
  • Fixed importing into Library database errors introduced in 2022.3.1
Scheduler 2022.4.1
  • Added search to logs
  • For Catalina and higher, added fallback AppleScript function to try to find tracks in playlist when Music API returns none.
DJ 2022.3.1
  • Much improved handling of corrupted audio files. Where problems with damaged audio files in the past were removed from the Program Queue before they could cause a crash, now DJ attempts to adjust the play length to the point of the damage on Mac OS X 10.10 - 10.12 and will attempt to play the entire audio for macOS 10.13 and higher when in players 1 or 2. An error message is still raised.
  • Added confirmation dialogs for deleting single items from Spot and Library
  • Added <dpub0> = 0 or 1 for whether this is default publishing to publishing outlets
  • Modernized Library Database
  • Updated core components
Scheduler 2022.3.1
  • Updated downloading of podcast artwork so it works with most if not all podcasts again
  • Added preference "Reset Music API each schedule build" (default off) for Catalina and higher to be used in case the data in Music is not getting updated properly when scheduler builds a program segment
  • When scheduling, if a duplicate playlist name has no tracks, each next duplicate will be tried until one is found with tracks
  • Modernized all databases for scheduling, Intros & Outros, and Track Properties Backup
  • Updated core components
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