Download Radiologik
Radiologik DJ & Scheduler - 2023.8.1 for 10.13 High Sierra - 14.x Sonoma (Download - 83.2 MB )
Time Announcements Demo Audio (Zip - 75.7 MB )
Radiologik DJ 2023.8.1 (Zip - 45 MB )
Radiologik Scheduler 2023.8.1 (Zip - 43.2 MB )
Radiologik 2022.12.1 for 10.10 Yosemite - 10.12 Sierra (Download - 80.1 MB )
Version Notes
Downloads are Universal binaries supporting both Intel and Apple Silicon natively and supporting 10 macOS versions from 10.10 Yosemite through 14 Sonoma.

DJ 2023.8.1
  • Reads and uses ReplayGain track gain values found in files when Sound Check values are not present
  • Improved support for art in FLAC files
  • Added gain display to Program Queue Format column and Format display in Track Properties
  • Doubled refresh rate on animation and performance precision on Apple Silicon
  • Fixed reading artwork in ID3v2.2 tags
  • Fixed gain not being applied at start of playback in Sonoma
  • Fixed issue that could cause some AIFF files to be corrupted
  • Fixed Publishing Exceptions window control alignment
  • Twitter is removed for now while a new solution is being investigated
Scheduler 2023.8.1
  • Podcasts: Added ability to select episode using both greater and less than durations
  • Podcasts: Added option to leave episode audio files no longer in feed
  • Podcasts: Added option to write metadata to file from podcast name and feed titles
  • Podcasts: Episode 'Plays' count can now be adjusted
  • Podcasts: Added download enclosures URL fallback from http to https and https to http
  • Tasks: URLs and shell scripts with = in them are now saved and restored properly
DJ 2023.7.1
  • Preliminary support for macOS 14 Sonoma
  • Expanded File Publishing range to upcoming 20 through current through past 20
  • Reworked Preferences/Settings—Publishing interface to accommodate more settings better
  • Added FLAC support. Be aware that iTunes/Music doesn't support FLAC
  • Logo times are corrected for Preferences-Global-TimeOffset value
  • Fixed reading of some tags
  • Known issue: Twitter is broken
Scheduler 2023.7.1
  • Preliminary support for macOS 14 Sonoma
  • Fixed reading of some tags
DJ 2023.4.1
  • Upload will now attempt one retry per file for any failures
  • Switched green window button from zoom back to fullscreen function
  • Updated components
Scheduler 2023.4.1
  • Improvements and fixes to Intros & Outros voice files existence
  • Improvements to rotated playlist selection rotation when there are many consecutive playlists missing
  • Updated components
DJ 2023.2.1
  • New minimum macOS version 10.13 High Sierra
  • Volume slider for top 3 players is now a round knob with colored track
  • Any previously potential crashing issues due to TagLib or audio devices should now be handled nicely with error notifications instead
  • Updated components
Scheduler 2023.2.1
  • Build 1445: Fixed an issue where app didn't fully initialize for some users resulting in no automatic scheduling
  • New minimum macOS version 10.13 High Sierra
  • Fixes and improvements scheduling builds to File and Both for Portable Program Bundles
  • Fix to Intros & Outros for creating multiple audio files for the same year
  • Fixed some small interface bugs
  • Updated components
DJ 2022.12.1
  • Improved fixes for playing Adobe Audition AIFF files
  • Fix to reading grouping tag
Scheduler 2022.12.1
  • Fix to handle programming tracks that contain line feeds and returns in title, artist and album tags
DJ 2022.11.1
  • Change to ensure the same track isn't published twice in cases where the previously published track is still playing and the new track to publish has started playing but other unpublished tracks have also played in-between
  • Refixes a crash with certain tags broken in 2022.10.1
  • Fixes crashing when MIDI Control events are received while simultaneously opening preferences
DJ 2022.10.1
  • Program Queue now allows folder drops with full nested support but Program Queue is limited to 999 tracks
  • Added red/green color toggle for cued and playing for D&R mixer control buttons in Preferences—USB
  • Added Stream Receive logging to ~/Library/Logs/Radiologik/Stream Receive.log
  • Fixes a rare problem of logging date years off by 66 years due to conflicting date basis
  • Fixed File publishing tag <rl-schedulerprogram> to work with 24-hour time
  • Updated components
Scheduler 2022.10.1
  • Added the ability to set the program file type to Portable Program Bundles .rlppb files for scheduling to files
  • Fixes and improvements for twin script command
  • Fix for dotw script command
  • Updated components
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