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Radiologik DJ 2019.10.3 (Yosemite 10.10 - Catalina 10.15) (Download - 24.7 MB )
Radiologik Scheduler 2019.10.2 (Yosemite 10.10 - Catalina 10.15) (Download - 23.7 MB )
Time Announcements Demo Audio (Zip - 75.7 MB )
Version Notes
DJ 2019.10.3 & Scheduler 2019.10.2
  • Fixes a bug on El Capitan 10.11 and earlier where drag reordering listbox rows would cause a freeze
DJ 2019.10.2
  • Fixed playlist import order for Catalina
  • Redone fix for Twitter
Scheduler 2019.10.1
  • Apple Notarized
  • Fixed playlist order for scheduling on Catalina
  • Fixed twin command on Catalina
DJ 2019.10.1
  • Apple Notarized
  • Fixed playlist menu loading for Catalina
  • Adjusted stream re-connect to interfere less with other operations
DJ 2019.8.1
  • Added support for Scheduler's podcast feature
  • Fix for Twitter authorization requirement changes
Scheduler 2019.8.1
  • Added Podcasts for subscribing and adding podcasts episodes to programs
  • Fixed a crash bug with contextual menu on files in Logs—Browse All
  • Fixes some UI issues for script min and max times and tasks buttons
DJ 2019.7.1
  • Added D&R player state configuration to Preferences—USB with stopped, playing, 15 second and 5 second ending options
  • Added Preview checkbox for 3 main outputs so preview player output can be set to these outputs
  • Fixed initial black fill glitch when preferences window is opened
Scheduler 2019.7.1
  • Added Browse All to Logs as a replacement for Open in Console due to Console no longer allowing browsing of all logs as easily in later macOS versions
DJ 2019.6.1
  • Added playlist counts to all playlist menus
  • Added preview functionality and button for player 3
  • Added support for player states for D&R Airlite and Webstation
  • Redone Change: Beds no longer fade up right before end so that and ending stinger/logo might be used after instead
  • Preliminary Catalina 10.15 and Music app support
Scheduler 2019.6.1
  • Added playlists as source for Track Prep with AppleScript syntax to support playlists
  • Added playlist counts to all playlist menus
  • Improvements to Dark mode for Intros & Outros
  • Preliminary Catalina 10.15 and Music app support
DJ 2019.4.1
  • Made several fixes and refinements to marking tracks played in iTunes including avoiding marking tracks played in iTunes that don't need it such as time announcements, traffic, and other automatic voicework
  • Cosmetic fix to Library filter in Mojave Dark Mode
Scheduler 2019.4.1
  • Added twin command as an Advanced feature to do two random tracks of the same random artist (Twin Spin)
  • Duplicating a flight in traffic will now copy the flight times
DJ 2019.3.1
  • Fix to D&R mixer buttons not getting set to off when palette audio items are repositioned
  • Removed contextual menu items for palette buttons with no audio
  • Added more resiliency to marking played in iTunes
  • Added error logging of tracks that couldn't be marked played in iTunes to Errors.log
  • Added option in Preferences-USB to disable player starts and stops when Auto is on
  • Removed several unused USB settings from preferences
Scheduler 2019.3.1
  • Updated core components
DJ 2019.1.1
  • Added AppleScript definitions to read and write CurrentTitle, CurrentArtist and CurrentAlbum
  • Added more options for fader starts in Preferences—General
  • Improvements to Mojave security with AppleEvents, AppleScripts and Microphone
Scheduler 2019.1.1
  • Rewrote Tasks execution and added more flexible multiple hour and minute options
  • Improvements to Mojave security with AppleEvents, AppleScripts and Microphone
DJ 2018.12.1
  • Added Scheduler program name and time display in window title, program queue column, and file publishing when tracks come from Radiologik Scheduler 2018.12.1 and newer
  • Added Max Volume to stream profiles
  • Added ResetLineInMinutes to Preferences-Global to reset the Line In preemptively to avoid failure after set minutes
  • Updated core components
  • More refinements for macOS Mojave
Scheduler 2018.12.1
  • Added support for DJ 2018.12.1 and newer showing program names and times from Scheduler
  • Updated core components
  • More refinements for Mojave
DJ 2018.10.2
  • Added Dark Mode support for Mojave
  • Increased upper range of Tweet every nth from 99 to 999 and made default 100 because of new Twitter rules and throttling
Scheduler 2018.10.2
  • Added Dark Mode support for Mojave
DJ 2018.10.1
  • Added StreamVolume AppleScript command
  • Added the ability to set default publishing art per preference set
  • Increased Program Queue limit from 400 to 1,000
  • Added a 2nd GET URL
Scheduler 2018.10.1
  • Added BuildProgram AppleScript command to build named program with passed time. See AppleScript dictionary
Scheduler 2018.9.1
  • All component libraries should now be 64-bit so macOS should no longer complain about app not optimized for your Mac
DJ 2018.8.1
  • Added "Limit overlap to voiceover length in auto" to Preferences--General
  • Waveform display fixes for Mojave
  • Better handles unorthodox links in the APIC ID3v2 tag
  • May solve a possible stream re-connect problem when there's no stream fade
DJ 2018.7.1
  • Added AppleScript function CurrentMetadata to return currently published metadata
  • LadioCast publishing of tracks with single quotes (apostrophes) should now work
  • Tweaked appearance when using a dark window color in Preferences—>Appearance
  • Added Audio Hijack to Preferences—>Publishing now that Audio Hijack 3.5 has a broadcast streaming output
  • Updated Help for Audio Hijack 3.5 and icecast setups
DJ 2018.6.1
  • Added Upload to Preferences to setup uploads of files and art when Now Playing changes
  • Removed Palette audio output selector and replaced it with a dedicated audio output for the Palette set in Preferences—Audio I/O.
  • Multiple audio devices with the same name (such as with the Airlite's 4 "USB AUDIO CODEC" devices) are now distinguished with numbers so that they can be set and remembered distinctly
Scheduler 2018.6.1
  • Added File Transfer ability to Tasks for uploading or downloading with ftp, sftp, http and https
DJ 2018.5.1
  • Added open in audio editor to File menu and contextual menus for all lists with the ability to use two user-defined audio editors
  • Added Program Queue "Column Order" to View menu (Cmd-J)
  • Added Next/Previous Track to View menu with command keys and added navigation arrows for this in Track Properties
  • Revised stream receive error handling to make it more reliable for more error situations
  • -bed file overlaps now observe overlap value in Preferences instead of being set to fade time
  • Changed Advanced preferences pane to Global and moved global preferences and Advanced preferences to it
  • Moved a few Advanced Preferences related to Publishing to the Publishing pane in preferences
  • Added LadioCast checkbox to Preferences—>Publishing to make it much easier to publish titles to LadioCast
  • Made Nicecast publishing an option that can now be turned off in Preferences—>Publishing
  • Made artwork publishing optional apart from file publishing
  • Help is now opened in a window within Radiologik DJ to workaround the problem in High Sierra where anchors in URLs are now stripped out and Radiologik DJ uses anchors to point to specific help topics with the round question mark buttons
  • Changed Reveal in Finder to Cmd-Shift-R to be consistent with iTunes
Scheduler 2018.5.1
  • Added Intros & Outros pane for creating, analyzing, editing and testing Intros and Outros
  • Script lines are now color-coded by command
  • Added Enabled checkbox for programs allowing them to be turned off
  • Preference sets can now be set to none for no change
  • Combo Connector rotation is now in lexicographical order on APFS volumes
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