Straightforward typing training for any skill level

For the Mac version, updated for Apple Silicon, the latest macOS, retina support and with a new low price.

Learn to type on a new keyboard such as QWERTY, Dvorak, or Colemak or improve your typing skills using our drills or any plain text files. Tracking mastery progress keeps any user interested in progressing their typing skills well past 40 words per minute.

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Tuned for schools
Teacher and network support are at the core with centraliized control, rules, reports, passwords, and cross-platform sharing of data.
Master Key Typing Tutor Main Screen

You can setup and try Master Key using a network now, before purchasing. See instructions here

Key Advantages
  • Standard OS interface respective of Mac and Windows
  • Drill Editor to create your own drills based on your own key vocabulary
  • Pausible drills so you can answer the phone, take another sip of coffee, or just scratch your nose
  • Type a book's worth. Paginates large text files, ebooks (Project Gutenberg)
  • Allows corrections to the previous line
  • Type in small or large type
  • Try it anonymously as long as you like

Other Key Features
  • Comprehensive individual statistics
    and history
  • Timed or text-length drills
  • Mastery goal for speed and accuracy with certificate print-out
  • Dvorak, AZERTY and QWERTZ keyboarding support and drills
  • Support for most Roman-based languages with your own text files as drills
  • Optional audio feedback with actual typewriter audio
Key Advantages for Schools
  • The software is maintained and updated
    without need for repurchase
  • You can test Network Mode before purchasing
  • Network data can be shared by both Macs and PCs with the most options for networking of any typing program
  • Uses the network efficiently by only storing dynamic information on it
  • Class Editor to change settings for groups
  • Class Reports exporting and printing
  • Optional two-tier password system
  • Optional restrictions on pupil activities
  • Preferences can be centrally controlled
    or templated for user control
  • Master Key Groups and Users can be imported from delimited text files
  • Quick fulfillment on purchase orders
  • Prompt technical support by email
  • Master Key Typing Tutor Drill Screen

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