Master Spell Help Topics

6. The History Window

The History window can be viewed by selecting the History item in the Pupil menu or by clicking the History… button in the main test window.

Total Words Tried and Total Word Average

The Total Words Tried is a simple count of how many words you have drilled on for this pupil file in Master Spell.

The Total Word Average is your score average per word; not per drill.

Last Drill

Last Drill shows the results of the last drill you did in Master Spell. It is designed to show all of the information that would be present in written test. If you double-click on any of the words in the test, Master Spell will say the saying associated with that word if one is present. This is to differentiate which word is meant in such cases as distinguishing the difference between "its" and "it's".

The Last Drill panel always shows the way you spelled it and a check mark under the First Try column if you spelled it correctly. If you spelled the word incorrectly, a "X" will appear under the First Try column and the correct spelling will be given to you in the Correction column. If you chose to retry the word for half credit, either a "X" or a checkmark will be present in the Retry column.

The Last Drill information will be saved with the pupil file so you may quit Master Spell and bring it back to view later.

You may print this drill using the Print Last Drill… button on this panel in the History window.

The Last Drill information will be cleared if you start a drill and cancel it.

Mastery Status

You may consult this window to see how many words you have spelled correctly towards mastery. The progress bar and the word list with words marked green show you graphically how well you are doing. Once you achieve Mastery, which is all the words spelled correctly, the Print Certificate… button will become active and you can print your reward. See 9. Lesson Plan.

Mastery Status

Drill Log & Graph

The Drill Log displays the test, number of words, the score, date and time. The Drill Log will hold up to 200 drill entries and then start rotation of those entries if any more drills are done.

You may save the drill log as a text file. The resultant text file will be tab-delimitted, meaning that the tabs will be set so that you may arrange the columns in a word processor or you may import the text file into a spreadsheet easily.

The Graph gives a visual indication of how well you are progressing.

You may print your Graph and Drill Log together by clicking the Print Graph & Log… button on the Drill Log tab.


Master Spell keeps a rotating list of the last 50 words you misspelled with both your misspelling and the correct spelling so that you can examine the difference. Double-clicking on any of these words will have Master Spell say the saying if it is present.

For a challenge, you may save your Troublers as a test and then load that test in the main test window. You must have at least 10 words in your Troublers list in order save it as a test.

You may also print your Troublers to use as a study guide to study your misspellings and the correct spellings by clicking the Print List… button on the Troublers pane in the History window.