Master Spell Help Topics

9. Lesson Plan

6th Grade - Adult

Four of the Tests that ship with Master Spell are intended for 6th - 8th grade, high school students, college students and beyond. They are progressively difficult commonly misspelled words. So that you don't overwhelm yourself and so that you can start to see progress earlier, the over 1,300 words are divided into four levels.

  1. Basic Words
  2. Intermediate Words
  3. Tricky Words
  4. Difficult Words

I suggest starting with the Basic Words test. This test file contains over 300 words for you to concentrate on first. By concentrating on small sets of words this way you will be able to see your progress sooner.

1st Grade - 5th Grade

There are 29 progressive test levels for 1st Grade - 5th Grade. Each Unit represents a grade and contains tests suggested for that grade level. It is recommended that the user continue doing drills in a level until he/she has achieved mastery of that test before going on to the next level.

In addition to the levels, there is one core words test per grade. Core words are words that students are expected to know in their writing for that grade level. Each grade's core words contain all of the core words of the previous grade's plus new words. In 1st Grade there are 15 core words and in 5th Grade there are 500.

Studying Troublers

In between drills, the student can take advantage of the Trouble words tracking by occassionally selecting the "Troublers" tab in the History window. These are, at most, the last 50 words you misspelled. After studying these words, go for a drill on just troublers by opening up the History window and saving the Troublers as a test and then choosing that test. Be sure to save the test in either the "Tests" folder or one of the units folders within the "Tests" folder.

Achieving Mastery for a Test

The objective is to spell every word in a test file correctly once. Although words can be retried for a better percentage during the drill, they are not counted as mastered until another drill. Words that have already been mastered are not preferred for drills.

Master Status

Mastered words are presented in green boxes and a progress bar is used to graphically represent progress towards accomplishing Mastery. Once mastery is achieved, the Print Certificate… button will become active and a certificate can be printed. This button will always be dimmed prior to mastery of a test.

Master Spell will then make the recommendation to try the next level. If Level 29 is mastered, then Basic Words is recommended and so on.