Master Spell Help Topics

5. Getting Started on a Drill

To do a drill, create a new Pupil or choose an existing Pupil.

New Pupil

New Pupil

For a new Pupil click the New Pupil… button.

New Pupil

If you create a new Pupil you will be prompted to choose a Class and type your name, and if Pupil passwords are required, you will be asked to provide a password. Your name can even be your full name. Try the Say My Name button to make sure your name is pronounced properly. If it is wrong, try using the Pronounce Name field to enter it more as it sounds and click Say May Name again to try it.

Choose Existing Pupil

All existing pupils can be found by clicking the Choose Pupil… button.

Choose Pupil

From the left column, select your Class, from the right column select your name (or Pupil file name) and then click “OK”.

Choose Drill

Choose your test by clicking the Choose Test… button.

Choose Test

From the left column, choose the Unit, then choose the test from the right column and then click "Ok". There are four progressive level tests in the "6th Grade - Adult" Unit and ten other tests for children in the "Elementary Fun" Unit and 29 more tests to choose from through the grades.

Choose the number of words you want administered during the drill.

Start the Drill

Press the Start Drill button.

Start Drill