Master Spell Help Topics

4. Passwords

Two-tier Password System

To require either the Teacher password or Pupil passwords, select the appropriate items in the Preferences dialog which can be found in the Edit menu. Both Teacher and Pupil passwords are encrypted as of version 5.1.


Requiring Pupil passwords will keep students out of other student’s Pupil files. If a password has not been set or if it is a new Pupil, the Pupil will be prompted to enter a new password.

Requiring the Teacher password will protect the Preferences Dialog and the The Class Editor. Master Spell will ask for an initial password when the requirement is set. The Teacher password is the master key to all of the Pupil files.

There is a Logoff item in the Pupil menu so that a pupil can logoff and reprotect other students from seeing his/her history.

Passwords are case insensitive.

Changing Passwords

The teacher can always change the teacher password in the Preferences dialog.

If the Teacher allows “Pupil Password Changing” from the Pupil Privileges tab in the Preferences dialog, Pupils may change their own passwords by selecting the “Change Password…” item in the Pupil menu. The teacher can change the pupil password from within the Class Editor or by using the Teacher password as the old password.

Resetting Pupil Password

The Teacher can also reset any or all Pupil passwords so that the Pupil is asked to provide the password when the Pupil logs in. To do this, set the password for the Pupil to “password” from within the Class Editor.