You can and should try Radiologik DJ before you buy by clicking Download. If you are running an automated station using the scheduler, please try it for at least a week to make sure everything works as expected. You can try it as long as you need to and try it again with later versions anytime.

When you buy a Radiologik license, you will receive a registration code by email that will fully-enable the copy of Radiologik you've already downloaded and tried.

This software is only available to purchase through the links on this page directly from MacinMind Software and BlueSnap or Progressive Concepts.

Progressive Concepts is an authorized reseller of Radiologik which also sells the D&R mixers that work with Radiologik.
Radiologik New/Change License Web Order
Radiologik DJ Commercial
Licensed for up to 8 Macs per 1 programming channel/station

Radiologik DJ Non-profit
Licensed for non-profits up to 3 Macs per 1 programming channel/station for uses such as:
  • College and School stations
  • LPFMs & NCEs
  • Hospitality radio
  • Rural community and mission stations
  • Internet-only stations

  • Radiologik DJ Personal
    Licensed for 1 Mac for home use, a gig DJ, or an individual show host only
    Not licensed for public performance automation

    Add Radiologik Scheduler Advanced
    Includes 1 year of updates

    Upgrade DJ Personal to Non-profit
    Requires previously purchased Radiologik DJ Personal license
    This is not a license update plan, see below for that





    All DJ licenses include 1 year of updates and Scheduler Basic for basic scheduling and Track Prep.
    You can choose to bundle Scheduler Advanced by choosing any DJ license.
    Radiologik 1 Year of Updates Web Order
    Renew updates 1 year for Radiologik DJ

    Renew updates 1 year for Radiologik Scheduler


    These purchases extend your current updates expiration by 1 year adding a minimum of 1 year from today for expired update plans. You can see your current updates expiration in the Registration under the Radiologik DJ or Scheduler menu.

    Over the past year Radiologik has seen the addition of stream receive, silence sensor, detachable palette with waveforms and dedicated new audio output, studio timer, tweeting album art, better D&R mixer support, Intro & Outro creation and management, built-in ftp upload and download, enhanced publishing, better scheduler recovery and restore from backup, and all the compatibility maintenance for the latest macOS and iTunes versions. And there are dozens of smaller things you can read about in the version notes.
    Purchase Orders
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    Instructions, our address and fax number are included.
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