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Radiologik Scheduler 2015.1.1 (OS X 10.7 & up) (Download - 9 MB )
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Version Notes
Major additions since July 2011:
  • See audio waveforms in all players
  • See album art in main players and library
  • Automatically use palette to play logos at set time intervals
  • Use music beds for voiceovers
  • Save programs with the audio files included so you can move the program with files to another computer
  • Publish to Twitter,, and TuneIn
  • Many more custom publishing abilities for web
  • Pre-listen to the next track off-air
  • Scrub audio in the properties player
  • See which tracks will be published in bold in the program queue
  • Set Finder label colors directly from DJ's lists
  • Run multiple instances of DJ and Scheduler to run more than one station/channel per Mac
  • Update more easily with Sparkle in-app updater
  • Have tracks in queue automatically updated for newly saved audio without removing and re-adding them
  • Get caught up with dozens of smaller improvements, optimizations and fixes
    New for Scheduler:
  • Use longer segment lengths up to 8 hours
  • Get better artist separation with multiple artists and composers per track detection as well as new track separation
  • Give more direction to your advertising placement with traffic categories
  • Give preflight and actual run reports on traffic flights
  • Rotate playlists to use in scripts or to have iTunes play
  • Make your own presets in Track Prep
  • Get more perfect transitions with expanded scope and thresholds of Track Prep
  • Use the new upnext command to dynamically place up next announcements
DJ 2015.1.1
  • Library Shuffle now does up to 25 track spacing artist separation
  • Performance and reliability improvements to logging and marking tracks played in iTunes with large iTunes libraries and fast transitions
  • Minor graphical tweaks for Yosemite
Scheduler 2015.1.1
  • Improvements to Track acquisition in Track Prep
DJ 2014.10.2
  • Drags from iTunes 12 are now accepted by the palette buttons
Scheduler 2014.10.1
  • Added the ability to move to a program segment using a glyph from the week view
DJ 2014.10.1
  • Re-enabled Twitter publishing by switching from SSLv3 to TLS
  • Corrected TimeOffset display when using darker window colors
  • Added UseTimeOffsetForTextCommand (default on) to Advanced Preferences
  • Added more details to Errors.log when logging TCP publishing errors
DJ 2014.8.2
  • Better handling of very large iTunes XML files
DJ 2014.8.1
  • Improvements to palette behaviors
  • Improvements to opening AAC files with various QTAtoms
  • Better accommodates track titles with Nicecast version 1.11.1
  • DJEvent-ProgramQueueEmptyIn30Seconds now only fires if Auto is on
Scheduler 2014.8.1
  • Better handling of very large iTunes XML files
  • Improvements to opening AAC files with various QTAtoms
DJ 2014.7.1
  • Fix to incorrect behaviors after moving playhead with a queued track
  • Improvements to default and custom web publishing
DJ 2014.4.2
  • Fix to dynamic reloading feature introduced in 2014.4.1 to allow the same track to be added later in queue when it is already loaded and waiting in a player
DJ 2014.4.1
  • All tracks in Program Queue, including tracks already loaded in players but not playing yet, are now reloaded from the file if the modification date of the file changes
  • Tracks already loaded in a player but whose files were changed can now be added to the program queue
  • Tracks at the top of the program queue set to Auto with Auto off will now fire immediately
  • Fixes and changes to registration reminder
Scheduler 2014.4.1
  • Added Pre/Post Schedule AppleScripts
  • Fixed wait for DJ when DJ found not running
DJ 2014.3.1
  • Non-UB: Preferences-->Keyboard now accepts F1-F8
  • Added Comment display to program queue on expanded window
  • Added <rl-nextpref> to custom publishing to get the next preference set name in queue of the next 10 tracks
  • Program Queue is now restricted to 400 tracks max and time calculations are only done for first 24 hours of queued tracks
  • Cleaned-up numerous temp files in Recovered files in trash after logging in
  • TitlePublishingRegExMask now works for all tracks in Web publishing
  • Further improved resilience of reading preferences
  • Custom Publishing no longer adds a line break to the end of files
  • Publishing TCP and Serial sending is more immediate when there is no embargo from time offset
  • Reliability and error logging improvements to Publishing via TCP
Scheduler 2014.2.2
  • Fixed time inaccuracies caused by ID3v1 tags added after track properties tags
DJ 2014.2.1
  • Non-UB: Fixes a memory leak running on Mavericks
  • Custom Publishing tags are now all prefixed with <rl- eg. <rl-artist> instead of <artist> to avoid conflicts with the same XML tags. Old tags are still supported as long as no <rl- prefixes are found.
  • <duration-xx> tags no longer show tenths of seconds
  • TuneIn publishing now excludes albums with "://" found in them
  • Fix to restoring from hiding
  • Now Restores last tab, playlist menu selections, and Library interface states on relaunch
Scheduler 2014.2.1
  • Added script line attribute c=contingent to only include the script line if the next script line succeeds.
  • Failed spots should always be detected now for dependent and contingent script lines
  • Non-UB: Scheduling is now done on the main thread instead of a separate thread
Previous versions downloads (for licensed users. Email Support for name and password)

For a more detailed version history, see Radiologik Help.