Download Radiologik
Radiologik DJ 2017.9.1 (for Yosemite 10.10/El Capitan 10.11/Sierra 10.12) (Download - 19.5 MB )
     (2017.6.3 ML for Lion 10.7/Mountain Lion 10.8) (Download - 13.4 MB )
     (2015.8.1 UB for Leopard 10.5/Snow Leopard 10.6) (Download - 19 MB )
Radiologik Scheduler 2017.9.1 (for Yosemite/El Capitan/Sierra) (Download - 17.8 MB )
     (2017.6.2 ML for Lion/Mountain Lion) (Download - 10.2 MB )
     (2015.8.1 UB for Leopard/Snow Leopard) (Download - 14 MB )
Time Announcements (Download - 72 MB )
Previous Versions (for emergency reversion) (Choose - various MB )
Version Notes
DJ 2017.9.1
  • Improved handling of internet publishing (Twitter, TuneIn, LastFM, CustomPublishURL) when there's a network failure and more than 1 network connection is attempted within 30 seconds
  • Should eliminate the rare problem of track reported not to exist for items that are not track paths for programs coming from Scheduler
  • Improvements to UDP performance for Airlite & Airence
Scheduler 2017.9.1
  • outros that follow failed script lines will now be skipped
DJ 2017.8.2
  • Improved stream receive re-connect so that it is aware of more reasons for stream playback failures
  • Silent break files are now reloaded from within DJ bundle to prevent any issues of missing files if Scheduler is being updated or goes missing
  • Front trimmed tracks with no fade-in will now properly set volume to full when Fade Start & Stops preference is on and track is started using a fade start
  • Fixed an issue where tags from some WAV files could cause a crash
Scheduler 2017.8.2
  • Improvements and fixes to Silence Sensor
  • Improvements to file existence detection
DJ 2017.8.1
  • Added auto reconnect to stream player
  • Added DJEvent scripts for stream error and restore
  • Added drop location indicator to program queue for drags from outside Radiologik DJ
  • Added ability to turn MIDI Surface on and off in preferences
  • Fixed stream audio device assignment
Scheduler 2017.8.1
  • Added new advanced feature: Silence Sensor with per-program profiles and example AppleScripts for Email, SMS and other actions
  • Added bold indicator to program list for what program should currently be playing
  • Added current half-hour block indicator in Week View
DJ 2017.7.1
  • Added Stream Receive to play streaming mp3, AAC+ and Vorbis streams as well as web-hosted mp3 and m4a via http and https
  • Added Stream track action to start and stop stream receive
  • Players will now continue playing when System Sound Output Device is used and the device is changed in System Preferences
  • Palette output button labels are now correct when switching to and from palette window
Scheduler 2017.7.1
  • Added stream receive track action support for DJ 2017.7.1
DJ 2017.6.1
  • Added detachable palette window with drag/drop support with track lists
  • Added Studio Timer (top left on main window) with track actions for timing lengths or timing to target times
  • Added option to Tweet album art to Preferences—>Publishing
  • Added many more replacement tags for Twitter publishing
  • Added <dpub> tag to indicate true or false for default publishing for TCP/UDP/Serial and CustomPublishURL outputs
  • Added paste support for single Finder items into Program Queue, Spot and Library
  • Changes to how preferences are saved to keep global and preference sets more distinct
Scheduler 2017.6.1
  • Reorganized script interface
  • Added Studio Timer DJ track action support
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