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Radiologik DJ 2015.3.1 (OS X 10.7 & up) (Download - 10 MB )
     (OS X 10.5-10.6 users) (Download - 19 MB )
Radiologik Scheduler 2015.3.1 (OS X 10.7 & up) (Download - 9 MB )
     (OS X 10.5-10.6 users) (Download - 14 MB )
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Version Notes
Major additions since July 2011:
  • See audio waveforms in all players
  • See album art in main players and library
  • Automatically use palette to play logos at set time intervals
  • Use music beds for voiceovers
  • Save programs with the audio files included so you can move the program with files to another computer
  • Publish to Twitter,, and TuneIn
  • Many more custom publishing abilities for web
  • Pre-listen to the next track off-air
  • Scrub audio in the properties player
  • See which tracks will be published in bold in the program queue
  • Set Finder label colors directly from DJ's lists
  • Run multiple instances of DJ and Scheduler to run more than one station/channel per Mac
  • Update more easily with Sparkle in-app updater
  • Have tracks in queue automatically updated for newly saved audio without removing and re-adding them
  • Get caught up with dozens of smaller improvements, optimizations and fixes
    New for Scheduler:
  • Use longer segment lengths up to 8 hours
  • Get better artist separation with multiple artists and composers per track detection as well as new track separation
  • Give more direction to your advertising placement with traffic categories
  • Give preflight and actual run reports on traffic flights
  • Rotate playlists to use in scripts or to have iTunes play
  • Make your own presets in Track Prep
  • Get more perfect transitions with expanded scope and thresholds of Track Prep
  • Use the new upnext command to dynamically place up next announcements
DJ 2015.3.1
  • Changed Advanced preference TitlePublishingRegExMask to PublishingRegExMask and changed function to include title, artist, and album
  • Improved error reporting on importing from iTunes into DJ's Library
  • All Web files are now saved in UTF-8 encoding
  • Removed old standard web html outputs like 'last10.html'. These almost always need customization. Use templates instead to make your own. Templates of these old web outputs can be installed from the Radiologik DJ menu.
  • Improved error handling of reading from "Add to Top", "Add to Bottom" and Web templates folder
Scheduler 2015.3.1
  • Scheduler now sees the track playing in DJ to protect against playing using the u=unique attribute in case it hasn't been marked played yet in iTunes
  • Compatibility fixes for OS X 10.10.3
DJ 2015.1.1
  • Library Shuffle now does up to 25 track spacing artist separation
  • Performance and reliability improvements to logging and marking tracks played in iTunes with large iTunes libraries and fast transitions
  • Minor graphical tweaks for Yosemite
Scheduler 2015.1.1
  • Improvements to Track acquisition in Track Prep
Previous versions downloads (for licensed users. Email Support for name and password)

For a more detailed version history, see Radiologik Help.