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Radiologik DJ 2015.8.1 (OS X 10.7 & up) (Download - 10 MB )
     (OS X 10.5-10.6 users) (Download - 19 MB )
Radiologik Scheduler 2015.8.1 (OS X 10.7 & up) (Download - 9 MB )
     (OS X 10.5-10.6 users) (Download - 14 MB )
Time Announcements (Download - 72 MB )
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Version Notes
Major additions since July 2011:
  • See audio waveforms in all players
  • See album art in main players and library
  • Automatically use palette to play logos at set time intervals
  • Use music beds for voiceovers
  • Save programs with the audio files included so you can move the program with files to another computer
  • Publish to Twitter,, and TuneIn
  • Many more custom publishing abilities for web
  • Pre-listen to the next track off-air
  • Scrub audio in the properties player
  • See which tracks will be published in bold in the program queue
  • Set Finder label colors directly from DJ's lists
  • Run multiple instances of DJ and Scheduler to run more than one station/channel per Mac
  • Update more easily with Sparkle in-app updater
  • Have tracks in queue automatically updated for newly saved audio without removing and re-adding them
  • Get caught up with dozens of smaller improvements, optimizations and fixes
    New for Scheduler:
  • Use longer segment lengths up to 8 hours
  • Get better artist separation with multiple artists and composers per track detection as well as new track separation
  • Give more direction to your advertising placement with traffic categories
  • Give preflight and actual run reports on traffic flights
  • Rotate playlists to use in scripts or to have iTunes play
  • Make your own presets in Track Prep
  • Get more perfect transitions with expanded scope and thresholds of Track Prep
  • Use the new upnext command to dynamically place up next announcements
DJ 2015.8.1
  • Font change to timers for El Capitan
  • Preference fixes
  • Registration now applies to all users of a computer
Scheduler 2015.8.1
  • Registration is now applied to all users of a computer
  • Fixes script lines with minimum TOTH containing extra characters
DJ 2015.7.3
  • Fixed the fade iTunes at interrupt feature in preferences-->general
DJ 2015.7.2
  • Preview is now available after manually moving the player position and returning it to the beginning in main players
  • Fixed issue where unwritable files in Web folder could cause application to hang at launch
Scheduler 2015.7.2
  • Fixed Rotated playlist functionality broken in 2015.7.1
DJ 2015.7.1
  • Compatibility fixes and improvements for iTunes 12.2
  • Added FastWebPublish Advanced preference
  • Smoother handling of overloaded program queues
  • DJEvent-DJLaunched now fires earlier before program queue is filled on startup
  • Several smaller improvements
Scheduler 2015.7.1
  • Compatibility fixes and improvements for iTunes 12.2
  • Added Errors tab to Log pane
Scheduler 2015.6.1
  • Fixed u=unique functionality between tracks in iTunes 12 and tracks in DJ's program queue
Previous versions downloads (for licensed users. Email Support for name and password)

For a more detailed version history, see Radiologik Help.