Download Radiologik
Radiologik DJ 2018.7.1 (for Yosemite 10.10 and higher) (Download - 23.6 MB )
     (2018.3.1 ML for Lion 10.7/Mountain Lion 10.8) (Download - 13.9 MB )
Radiologik Scheduler 2018.6.1 (for Yosemite and higher) (Download - 21.8 MB )
     (2018.3.1 ML for Lion/Mountain Lion) (Download - 11.1 MB )
Time Announcements Demo Audio (Zip - 75.7 MB )
Version Notes
High Sierra compatibility status: An aggregate audio device can exist and be used by Radiologik DJ but cannot be the System Preferences Sound Output selection. AFPS can produce random order of reloading programs in Scheduler 2017.11.1 and earlier, fixed fully in 2018.2.2. Changes in iTunes require DJ & Scheduler be updated to 2018.3.2 or higher to avoid problems.

DJ 2018.7.1
  • Added AppleScript function CurrentMetadata to return currently published metadata
  • LadioCast publishing of tracks with single quotes (apostrophes) should now work
  • Tweaked appearance when using a dark window color in Preferences—>Appearance
  • Added Audio Hijack to Preferences—>Publishing now that Audio Hijack 3.5 has a broadcast streaming output
  • Updated Help for Audio Hijack 3.5 and icecast setups
DJ 2018.6.1
  • Added Upload to Preferences to setup uploads of files and art when Now Playing changes
  • Removed Palette audio output selector and replaced it with a dedicated audio output for the Palette set in Preferences—Audio I/O.
  • Multiple audio devices with the same name (such as with the Airlite's 4 "USB AUDIO CODEC" devices) are now distinguished with numbers so that they can be set and remembered distinctly
Scheduler 2018.6.1
  • Added File Transfer ability to Tasks for uploading or downloading with ftp, sftp, http and https
DJ 2018.5.1
  • Added open in audio editor to File menu and contextual menus for all lists with the ability to use two user-defined audio editors
  • Added Program Queue "Column Order" to View menu (Cmd-J)
  • Added Next/Previous Track to View menu with command keys and added navigation arrows for this in Track Properties
  • Revised stream receive error handling to make it more reliable for more error situations
  • -bed file overlaps now observe overlap value in Preferences instead of being set to fade time
  • Changed Advanced preferences pane to Global and moved global preferences and Advanced preferences to it
  • Moved a few Advanced Preferences related to Publishing to the Publishing pane in preferences
  • Added LadioCast checkbox to Preferences—>Publishing to make it much easier to publish titles to LadioCast
  • Made Nicecast publishing an option that can now be turned off in Preferences—>Publishing
  • Made artwork publishing optional apart from file publishing
  • Help is now opened in a window within Radiologik DJ to workaround the problem in High Sierra where anchors in URLs are now stripped out and Radiologik DJ uses anchors to point to specific help topics with the round question mark buttons
  • Changed Reveal in Finder to Cmd-Shift-R to be consistent with iTunes
Scheduler 2018.5.1
  • Added Intros & Outros pane for creating, analyzing, editing and testing Intros and Outros
  • Script lines are now color-coded by command
  • Added Enabled checkbox for programs allowing them to be turned off
  • Preference sets can now be set to none for no change
  • Combo Connector rotation is now in lexicographical order on APFS volumes

DJ & Scheduler 2018.3.2
  • Updated compatibility for iTunes
DJ 2018.3.1
  • Idle System Sleep and disk spin down is now prevented when Radiologik DJ is running
  • Non-ML: Streams that are not initially successfully started now also trigger  DJEvent-StreamErrorFor20Seconds
  • Added AppleScript definition ClearQueue to clear Program Queue
Scheduler 2018.3.1
  • Auto scheduling suppression due to next program having already been scheduled is fixed for when actual time is rolled-back to account for Daylight Saving Time Fall back.
  • Queue Total Time in Log is fixed to properly show values less than -1 hour.
  • Rewritten check for time to schedule as a more independent action that cannot be held-up by other tasks internally which also now increases the window to schedule from 1 minute to 3 in case something can actually freeze Scheduler for over 2 minutes
  • Idle System Sleep and disk spin down is now prevented when Radiologik Scheduler is running
DJ 2018.2.2
  • Worked-around APFS file sorting bug for Preference Set menu, AppleScript menu
  • Now sorts iTunes playlists alphabetically
  • Fixes Airlite UDP. You will need to reselect your device in Preferences—>USB
Scheduler 2018.2.2
  • Fixes sorting issues for Programs, DJ Voices, Preference Sets, AppleScripts, Tasks and Silence Sensor on APFS volumes
  • Now sorts iTunes playlists alphabetically
DJ 2018.2.1
  • Non-ML: Added waveform display for palette
  • More reliable reading of track properties into Library
  • Improved sorting of Ramp column in Library
  • Non-ML: Fixes to program queue drag reorders
  • Non-ML: Fixes and improvements to stream receive re-connect
  • Track Properties player should reliably show waveforms again
  • Fixes an issue with deselecting an item in the Play History where Properties button and path still showed
  • Library database changes
Scheduler 2018.2.1
  • Now uses Persistent IDs when getting playlist contents directly from iTunes to cross-reference to XML when scheduling. This should reduce the possibility of getting the wrong track if iTunes and the XML are out-of-sync with their Track IDs.
  • Track Prep now gets the selection of the frontmost iTunes window when multiple iTunes windows are open
  • Better time accuracy with ramps
  • load command will now log failures for no tracks in program file allowing dependent and contingent to trigger on that condition
  • ML: Reverted update mechanism to use http instead of https since https can no longer be used to connect to in Lion and Mountain Lion
DJ 2018.1.2
  • Added Advanced Preference PlayPodcatIniTunesToMark
  • Track Property Overlap can again be set to values greater than 10. It was limited to 10 in version 2017.7.1
  • Fix to InsertFileAboveQueueSelection. If you've already installed this script, delete it from ~/Library/iTunes/Scripts and reinstall from the Radiologik DJ menu
DJ 2018.1.1
  • Added D&R Webstation support (non-ML)
  • Added InsertFileAboveQueueSelection AppleScript definition with supporting iTunes script. Use Radiologik DJ menu—>Install iTunes Scripts to add
  • File menu—>Close Window can now close palette windows
  • Change: Beds no longer fade up right before end so that and ending stinger/logo might be used after instead
  • Change: Files in ~/Music/Radiologik/Combo Connectors/ are now always excluded from publishing
  • Creates ~/Library/iTunes folder when it is missing when installing iTunes Scripts
  • Fixed a problem of certain text encodings in tags preventing the track from loading, broken in 2017.7.1 due to small cosmetic fix
Scheduler 2018.1.1
  • Added verification to combo file creation
  • Better handling of Combo component files with various bit depths and sample rates
  • Combo Connectors now rotate instead of being chosen randomly
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