Download Radiologik
Radiologik DJ 2016.21.1 (for Yosemite 10.10/El Capitan 10.11/Sierra 10.12) (Download - 14.6 MB )
     (2016.12.1 ML for Lion 10.7/Mountain Lion 10.8) (Download - 12.8 MB )
     (2015.8.1 UB for Leopard 10.5/Snow Leopard 10.6) (Download - 19 MB )
Radiologik Scheduler 2016.11.1 (for Yosemite/El Capitan/Sierra) (Download - 14.9 MB )
     (2016.6.2 ML for Lion/Mountain Lion) (Download - 10 MB )
     (2015.8.1 UB for Leopard/Snow Leopard) (Download - 14 MB )
Time Announcements (Download - 72 MB )
Previous Versions (for emergency reversion) (Choose - various MB )
Version Notes
DJ 2016.12.1
  • Added Airence console USB control support
  • Added new replacement tags for TCP and Serial Publishing and Custom Publishing. See Help
  • Default publishing duration is now set to the duration until the next published start time in queue
  • Auto Logo now resets after manually playing palette
  • Palette now highlights most recently played item
  • Improved time between multiple lines for TCP send
  • Added UDP unicast option to publishing
  • Now resets LEDs on Airlite and Airence on quit
  • Fixed publishing loop for default publishing when artist was filled but title was blank
  • Fixed voiceover reload loop when voiced-over track has a start trim
  • Fixed some publishing issues when different players use different outputs with different publishing
  • TCP and Serial no longer attempt connection if text will be blank
  • All listboxes use a darker theme when the window background is set to a darker color
  • Rows in program queue without tracks are now removed
DJ 2016.11.1
  • Reveal in Finder should now activate Finder again
  • Sorted Spot list should now pick correct tracks for certain contextual menu items again
  • Improved spot list order and selection restore on relaunch
  • Twitter now sends a maximum of 140 bytes instead of 140 characters
  • TuneIn should now properly send the commercial flag when publishing default publishing
Scheduler 2016.11.1
  • New date picker
  • Changed Scheduler database location to an always local location on Scheduler Mac in order to try to make Split DJ/Scheduler Scheduling work better
DJ 2016.9.1
  • Added Airlite UDP support
  • Better resets of Airlite button states
  • Changed TCP publishing text encoding from ISOLatin1 to UTF-8
  • Possible localization fix
  • Now filters line feeds out of grouping
  • UTI fixes
  • Modernized build structure and codesigning
Scheduler 2016.9.1
  • Modernized build structure and codesigning
  • Fixed UI behavioral bug with Pre/Post scripts
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